Dannys Passion

Songs Recorded

(It's All leading Up To) Saturday Night.

Written by Geoff Stephens, this was recorded on the group's first session, and intended to be their first single on Decca, There are conflicting reports on why it was not released. John was told by Joe that he intended to add backing vocals, but the Marmalade version came out before it was finished. I was told by Joe on several occasions that there were legal problems stopping it, according to Geoff Stephens this is not true.

The World's Not Big Enough

Another Geoff Stephens song, a very powerful ballad ideally suited to Dannys voice. (the publisher's demo, is sung by Peter Lee Stirling aka Daniel Boone, and can be heard on the music page) This song surprisingly has never been recorded by any other singer. (Danny recorded this on his own with a piano accompaniment, strings and the group were to be added at a later date) Joe wanted Danny to record this as a solo, with a new surname, but Danny refused, stating he was part of a group and not a soloist

Wanna Lover

Written by Miki Dallon. The only recording the group have,which can be heard on the music page, this demo has not had Joe's final mix, but is an upbeat number. Ex Meek artist, Neil Christian released a version in 1966, produced by the composer.

I Cried Over You

No information available

Left Me

No information available

Over The Weekend

No information available

All the original tapes are in the legendary Tea Chests, last information received on them was back in 2006, when they were reported to still be in good condition.

If anyone has any further information on any of the above songs, I would like to hear from you.

Audition Tape

It is not known if the group's original audition tape is among the tea-chest tapes. (See the news page for details)