Dannys Passion

"(It's All Leading Up To) Saturday Night"

In the spring of 1966, the group were at 304 to record their first single. The Geoff Stephens song (It's All Leading Up To) Saturday Night. The session went well, at the end Joe seemed very pleased with the result, although Joe had yet to put his final touches to the recording.

Back home in Cornwall, plans were being made to promote it, including an appearance at a local record shop. All seemed to be going well, except for one thing..No record release.

I phoned Joe on several occasions, and each time was told, "there were legal problems with the release", this carried on for several months. The shock came when on 16th September 1966, The Marmalade released the song on CBS 202340. John phoned Joe and was told "He wanted to add strings, but as The Marmalade version was out, theirs was now scrapped".

I have spoken to Geoff Stephens, who confirmed "There were no legal problems preventing Joe releasing the song", I also spoke to Junior Campbell of The Marmalade, who also confirmed then same thing.
So what was the problem? Were the record companies refusing to release Joe's work? Had Joe lost interest in the song? He hadn't lost faith in the group, as a further 6 songs were recorded.

We shall never know, but a great chance to put Cornwall in the charts had gone. Their possible follow up "The World's Not Big Enough" was an even better song, and would surely have been a top 20 hit, but, it was not to be....

Maybe the UK charts was not ready for Danny's Passion, but Danny's Passion were ready for the UK charts.