Dannys Passion

Photo Gallery 5


Cliff Cooper

In 1966, Cliff Cooper was in a group called "The Millionaires" who recorded one record with Joe Meek, titles "Wishing Well". Following Joe's death all his equipement was auctioned, Cooper bought 67 Tea Chests of Joe's Tapes. Estimates to be 5,000 reels of tape. For £300
Among these are thought to be recordings by Billy Fury and David Bowie, also many master recordings, and demos.
Cooper went on to be a millionaire, having started the "Orange" range of ampilcation.
These tapes are now hidden away by Cooper, no one knows where. he will not let anyone have access to them, or listen to them, But he only owns the tape and spools, not the recordings on them.
There have been demonstrations outside the "Orange" shop in London, and petitions, but he will not listen, or release he tapes.
This is where Dannys Passion tapes reside, unheard since 1966, and possibily rotting away, because tape doesn't last forever and they are now well over 50 years old.
Many of the artists featured on these tapes have died, and the number still living gets smaller every year, These artists would gladly forfeit any royalties and possibily copyright, just to listen to their own recordings, which most have never heard.
Why does he do it? Is it a case of "I've got them and nobody else is hearing them"? or what? I don't know, but it is time he made a move to release them, and give them to their rightful owners.