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      Dannys Passion Discography

  Wanna Lover
  (It's All Leading Up To ) Saturday Night
  The World's Not Big Enough
  Left Me
  I Cried For You
  Over The Weekend

  All tracks remain in The Tea Chest Tapes


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"Wanna Lover" was written by Miki Dallon. It was released in 1966 as the B side on a single by Neil Christian on Strike 319 and was produced by Miki Dallon.

"The World's Not Big Enough" was written by Geoff Stephens. Dannys Passion is the only know recorded version of this song. The music publishers demo version, sung by Peter Lee Stirling can be heard  above. Peter had thirteen singles issued under his own name in the '60s, and twelve singles under the name Daniel Boone, in the '70s

(It's All leading Up To) Saturday Night was the first single by Marmalade in 1966 on CBS 202340

The group that recorded "Who's gonna fight the Lions" which is labelled by Dannys Passion, in the Tea Chests, remains a mystery, and, it's very unlikely it will ever be solved