Dannys Passion

Group Memories

I can vividly remember playing at the Flamingo. On the one special occasion we played support group to the Kinks. I remember it well as my 30 watt amp started bellowing smoke and I had to share amps with Alan.
 Also played at one of the Talent Contests which was at the Flamingo Ballroom that year (probably 1966) the contest was up to about the 8th group out of about 12 and a group from up country just happened to be passing by and saw the sign and asked if they could take part. They set up their 100 watt Marshall amps and needless to say won the contest.
I can also vividly remember playing another Talent Contest at the Truro Town Hall. The night before the contest Danny went down with Laringitis and couldnt speak. I wanted to cancel but Alan talked me into singing. I sang As Tears Go By and a Hollies B side Come On Back. Somehow part way through our PA went dead and the guitars drowned out my singing. The T A at Falmouth was the Royal Engineers base, an army establishment just passed Customs House Quay on the same side of the road at the start of Bar Road. I think its a car park now. The T.A. had been closed to Saturday Night Dances due to all the fights. They decided to re open after a few years and we were the fist group to re open. We were all expecting trouble that night. I can still see Alan during the half time break standing behind the closed curtain with his guitar above his head waiting to bash anyone who tried to come on stage.

John Challingsworth

I saw this band at Looe's Blue Shark Club approx 1966 - they were great. I remember "saturday night" and thought it had come out as a single but according to the biography it never happened. A great shame.

Andy Brice


In the 1968 Top Group Championship of Cornwall, held at The City Hall, Truro,

The winning group was Peace and Quiet, with Danny Gill as vocalist. Danny joined them after leaving Dannys Passion.
Opposite is the "West Briton" report on that evenings contest.